First good reason to join the Deer management Qualification Assessment:


Many continental deerstalkers hunt in their home country roe- and red deer. Most of the time they hunt from a high seat and sometimes on a driven hunt. But when you are successful in approaching deer, when you are able to select the right animal and finally been able to cull the animal correctly and safely from a shooting stick, is for many hunters a new challenging experience. This art of stalking is both active and exiting. By using all the elements like wind, terrain and the knowledge gained during the Deer Stalking Certificate study, this culling of deer will surely become an unforgettable experience. This DMQ1 assessment (theory, shooting and safety) is the first step to the total assessment and is organised by Adrian van Well. This course is given under responsibility of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC). After this Deer management Qualification 1 study, you finally can participate with the DMQ2 assessment (learning by doing). In this case you are forced to select, approach, shoot and grallach the deer yourself.

Second good reason to join the Deer management Qualification Assessment:

Knowledge of all six deerspecies:

Almost every continental big game hunter is familiar with roe- red- and sometimes fallow deer. But in the UK there are a big number of Sika deer and muntjacs. These species of deer are hardly known by the continental hunters. And the Chinese water deer are completely unknown by us!!! When you participate the DMQ1 course, you expand your hunting knowledge. For instance you learn to visualise the six species of deer, you learn more about their daily behaviour, their exterior features and all relevant legal issues.

Third good reason to join the Deer management Qualification Assessment:

Hunting in the UK:

In the UK you find an extremely good sustainable population of deer. Almost all landowners, both private as governmental demand that all hunters, who cull deer on their properties, are trained hunters. Therefore possession of both DMQ1 and 2 ensures that deer are managed to a high welfare standard.. This gives the owner a guarantee of optimal safety, a high standard of handling, hygiene and presentation of all carcases from shooting to collection. When you are, as a continental, in possession of the DMQ1 and DMQ2 there are many hunting opportunities available for you. N.B. Through BASC and Forestry Commission you find excellent offerings.

Fourth good reason to join the Deer management Qualification Assessment:

Deer management Qualification 2; the real test

This DMQ2 is both exiting and a learning assesment. Under supervision of an accredited witness each candidate must show three times, that they are in possession of the necessary knowledge, qualifications to visualise the deer specie correctly, approach the animal in the right way, to kill the animal both safely and humanely and finally to grallach and examine the animal for any abnormalities. Everything is trained to be sure that each animal is brought hygienically into the food chain.

This learning by doing assessment can be offered by Adrian van Well on several hunting locations.