Day 1: Arrival and briefing at hotel


- Arrival the day before your assessment around 1800h.
- Meeting at the restaurant facilitated by the very accommodating hotel staff. Dinner and discussion, including with an explanation of visual prompting,  the shooting test, safety test and questions to expect.
- Following dinner, we will travel to the renowned Hotel Van Der Valk in Harderwijk. The hotel is only 16 km from the Berkenhorst facility, where your assessment will take place and DSC1 attendees receive a favourable rate.


Day 2: Instruction and assessment


- The following morning, after breakfast we will depart the hotel around 0800 and travel to the Berkenhorst facility. On this assessment day, we begin from 0900 with visual prompts and two written tests (including one or two coffee breaks as necessary). Confirmation of the applicant's understanding of deerstalking, gralloching and hygiene is achieved through the use of instructional videos.
- After lunch, the marksmanship and firearms safety awareness of applicants is assessed in small groups of three. Within each group of three, the safety test is conducted by two experienced AW's, taking each applicant's assessment individually for thoroughness.
- The entire assessment process is overseen by the Head of BASC's Deer Assessment Centre,  Nick Lane, who will fulfil the role of Senior Internal Verifier on the day.


Upon successful completion of DMQ1 assessments, the applicant may apply for their DMQ2 digital portfolio (application through internet), a requirement in order to complete the culling test of three animals.


Important administration points:
1. Bring your own rifle with you, preferably of .243 calibre or higher.
2. Bring sufficient bullets (we recommend 50).
3. Ensure the rifle is zeroed prior to your arrival.
4. A gunsmith will be available on site to assist with serious rifle and/or optic issues.
5. Bring a rucksack, roe sack and bipods with you in order to shoot from sitting.
6. Ensure your rifle has a sling attached for the assessment.
7. Bring your own shooting sticks, if you have them, however sticks are available for use at the shooting range as necessary.
8. Bring ear defenders as all shooting must be conducted with them.